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We are big fans of our clients' pets and if they are comfortable with us and our cleaning equipment (most are!) then we are okay with them roaming around the house while we work. If you know your pet is nervous around other people and our cleaning equipment, such as vacuums, we advise that they be kept secured and away from staff. 

What about my pets?

It is completely up to you! Some clients hang out in another area of their home but most of the time they are not home. All keys are marked for identification with a code (no address or customer name is used) & locked away when it's not your cleaning day. 

Do I need to be home during the clean?

We ask that our clients do a quick tidy-up either the night before or just shortly before your clean is scheduled (for example: laundry picked up, dirty dishes/dishes put away, any garbage cleaned up, etc.) that way we can stay focused on the job at hand within a proper time frame.

Is there anything I need to prepare for before the cleaners show up?

This depends on a number of things. If it is a first-time clean it is very difficult to determine a time frame of completion. Most first-time cleans take a minimum of 4.5 hours because they are extremely detailed and also it's our staff's first time in the home. If you obtain a regular cleaning schedule, the timing of the cleans decreases. Most regular cleans take 2-4 hours to complete with two staff but also completely depends on the size of the home.

How long will my clean take?

We aim to ensure our clients with the same staff for a regular cleaning frequency. When we do regular cleans we follow a strict routine schedule that helps our staff complete the clean in a thorough but timely manner. If we cannot accommodate the same staff for your regular cleaning, you will be notified and we will ask for your approval before proceeding with the clean.

Will I have the same staff each time if I choose a regular cleaning frequency?

You can pay either by e-transfer, cash or cheque prior to your cleaning or on the day of your cleaning. 

How can I pay?

No worries. We ask that our clients give us at least 48 hours notice if they need to change or cancel their clean, or as soon as possible. Our schedule is time-based so it’s important that we stay within our scheduled time frame each day. Without proper notice we charge a late fee of $85. 

What if I need to change or cancel my clean?

Absolutely. If you are not satisfied with the results of your clean we will happily come back and redo the clean at no extra cost. 

Do you offer a guarantee with your service?

Yes! One of the many things we love about our homemade cleanser is that it is completely safe for everyone including house pets. Our all-purpose cleanser is a mix of essential oils (that are anti-fungal and anti-bacterial), vinegar, organic soaps and water which together create a powerful cleaner with a lovely scent!

Are your cleansers safe for kids and pets?

Health and safety is of utmost importance to our clients & our staff at Squeaky Green Clean Co.

With the current global pandemic (Covid-19) we have made alterations to our business structure to ensure that our clients feel safe with us entering their space to clean. Below are the measures we have taken thus far and we will continue to learn and keep up-to-date to do our part to keep everyone safe & healthy.

• Our staff will have daily health checks and will be provided with new face masks each day along with additional protective equipment such as face shields, gloves, hand sanitizer, etc.

• All of our cleaning supplies and equipment are cleaned each day and thoroughly sanitized in between cleans.

• Limited and distanced social interactions between staff and clients.
*When our staff arrive to clean, we ask any clients that cannot leave the space to stay distanced from our staff while they work. 

• The day prior to your scheduled clean we will reach out to our clients for a wellness check via email and or phone call.

• Staff who show or feel any signs of cold/flu symptoms will be asked to stay home.

Covid-19 Safety measures and regulations 

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