Squeaky Green Clean Co. provides eco-friendly cleaning solutions for both residential homes and small business workspaces interested in a clean space & a clean life. 


Squeaky Green Clean Co. offers all-natural and sustainable cleaning services for your home, office or small retail space. If you are looking to give your space a Green & Clean touch with environmentally-friendly cleaning products & methods then look no further – we'll do the work! 

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We craft our own cleansers using mother nature’s best-kept secret ingredients that kill bacteria and viruses & have powerful cleaning results! Our clients love our cleanser – not only does it work amazing on all surfaces and areas, it also radiates a relaxing and refreshing scent throughout your space. Our all-purpose cleanser is a combination of essential oils, natural soaps, white vinegar, and water. Simple ingredients, strong results!

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I’m Kathleen Donnelly, Owner and Operator of Squeaky Green Clean Co., and I have been in the eco-friendly cleaning industry since 2014.

Taking care of people and helping others has always been a passion of mine. I am a mother to four incredible children who are the light of my life. Soon after I had my first child I quickly adapted to a more natural lifestyle. I was blown away at the potential harm we add to our bodies through the cleaning products we use in our homes. If there was something I could ... READ MORE > 

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When I am not cleaning my clients’ homes or brainstorming new cleanser recipes, you can find me cleaning my own home (surprise!) and being a parent to my four young kiddos who love to be loud, free and outdoors as much as possible! Family is everything to me. The best part of my job is allowing others to feel relaxed and free when they arrive back into their space. Whether you're kicking up your feet after a long day at work or hosting a spontaneous game night with friends, if I can help make R&R easier then I’ve accomplished my job. Sit back & enjoy! 

be in control of when it came to helping our ecosystem and my own home environment it was changing the cleaning products I used as well as the cleaning methods that were so innocently taught to me. I had started to work for other eco-friendly cleaning companies in the Toronto area but quickly realized that they really were not all that eco-friendly nor were they environmentally sustainable. I started making my own cleansers as well as researching more sustainable ways to clean homes and other spaces. That’s when I started Squeaky Green Clean Co. 

My work is inspired by my late father, a dependable person who always believed in a hard work ethic and the power of helping others. He devoted every ounce of his being to help anyone who needed it. As I grew older I wanted to carry the same devotion my father gave to others so freely.

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Any denomination & suitable for all occasions – housewarming, birthday, pick-me-up or just because!

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Give the gift of a clean home.